June 27, 2009

Summer Cottage, Chicago Home + Garden

I was so charmed by this cute little cottage with a great story behind it, when I read about it on Apartment Therapy.
Tereasa Surratt and her husband restored and renovated this cabin after moving it hundreds of miles from Central Illinois to Wisconsin. And I found out Tereasa is publishing a book about the whole process of rescuing the cottage. It will be available in 2010, for more information check out her website. Read the article "Lake Effect" on the Chicago Home + Garden website. And see more detailed images here.
This place makes me want to start my holiday right away. What about you?

(Images from Chicago Home + Garden, photographed by Aimee Herring; found via Apartment Therapy)

June 25, 2009

Onni shop, Helsinki

Last week I stumbled upon the website of the brick and mortar store Onni that is located in Helsinki, Finland. It was founded by the designers Susan Elo and Tuula Pöyhönen and it's now run by Tuula in one part of a loft that is actually Tuula's home. The shop is filled with mainly Finnish items designed, chosen or found by her.
And I have to translate the name to you, it's so cute. The Finnish word onni means luck, happiness.

The shop is open by appointment, if you happen to visit Helsinki you can call or e-mail Tuula and make an appointment with her. Find Tuula's contact information here.

Kulmakatu 5 A 4
00170 Helsinki

(All images from Onni kotikauppa)

June 22, 2009


Here are some of my favorite finds from Supermarket that I made while browsing their website yesterday. Have a good week everyone!
From top left: Numbered Edition Napkins, set of ten from Heather Lins, Calmly It Goes print from Green Chair Press, Coasters from Cina, Conversation Pieces Pillow #1 from Heather Lins, Small Tuck Pot and Dent Bud Vase both from Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Coat Range from Brave Space.

June 20, 2009

Illustrator Julia Freund

What a surprise to find the Etsy shop Lineanongrata by illustrator Julia Freund! I was already familiar with her online portfolio and was so happy to see that she also sells her beautiful work as prints, postcards and pins.
German born Julia studied graphic design in Paris. Now she lives with her boyfriend on a winery in Gabian, South France. Wow! That sure is a really inspiring surrounding.
And she also writes a blog that is worth checking!

Products shown: make words grow print, choice is not an option print, piglet with socks print, alice and the white rabbit original illustration, sitting little man print, plane print.

(Images from Julia Freund)

June 18, 2009

Doni's Delis

I was so inspired by the Flickr photostream of Italian weaver Donatella (Doni) Chiesa, that I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

In her own words: "I studied weaving in Italy and then I did a course in Bradford - UK - in Textile Design for handwovens, which is quite a popular course among handweavers. It was the place where I really understood how to get inspiration - literally from anything! - and to translate it into fabric with different structures. What I love about weaving is that you create fabric from an idea and the result is always unique and truly yours!"
Find more of Doni's lovely work on her Flickr photostream and blog.

(All images by Donatella Chiesa)

June 16, 2009

Hus & Hem magazine

Look what a beautiful home I found on the website of Swedish interior magazine Hus & Hem.
The Swedes have so many inspiring interior magazines. I'm so happy that we are travelling to Stockholm this summer! One destination will definitely be a newspaper store.
Some time ago Holly from Decor8 posted a nice gathering of images she found on Hus & Hem. And don't miss to check out the Hus & Hem website for so much more to discover!

(Images from Hus & Hem photographed by Tia Borgsmith)

June 12, 2009

One Day Project by Amy Borrell

Amy Borrell aka Cake With Giants has been busy from January until March with her lovely One Day Project. One illustration a day about things she wants to be and do and see and eat. You can have a look at the whole series in Amy's One Day Blog. If there is one (or more) you fall in love with you can purchase it for 30 Australian Dollar in her online shop Vanilla Bug or by contacting Amy via email. Her shop is really worth a visit, there are a lot of nice things to discover.
Happy Friday!

(Drawings by Amy Borrell)

June 11, 2009

Prop Stylist Phyllis Asher

I came across the portfolio of prop stylist Phyllis Asher via The Red Thread. While browsing Phyllis Asher's website especially these colorful food stylings made an impact on me. They make me want to spend a weekend outside with friends. And have a dinner that is bursting of colors while enjoying the warm sun and the soft green grass under my feet. It's too bad that it's raining cats and dogs lately. I hope that the sun has escaped to your places. By the way, do you have favorite summer recipies?

(All images by Phyllis Asher)

Knot trivet on Design Sponge

This simple and beautiful knot trivet is a DIY-project over on Design Sponge today. With the good introductions it seems to be quite an easy and fun project.

(image from Design Sponge)

June 5, 2009

Hygge & West

We won't live in our current home for very long anymore so that wallpapering unfortunately doesn't make any sense. But there will be some wallpapered walls in our future home for sure.
Until then I will daydream a littlebit. These two wallpapers designed by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West I like very much. The blue one would be perfect in a bedroom.

Hygge & West also carries these pretty ceramic items from Casalinga. They could look quite good on my white walls. Don't you think?

(All images from Hygge & West)

June 4, 2009

Hyggelig: typographic wall decoration

Berlin based Catherine (I'm a regular reader of her lovely blog Hyggelig) likes to decorate her home with letters. Her newest addition is this "Hug Me" in her bedroom, such a nice idea to attach them vertically to the wall. The letters are vintage cinema letters Catherine bought at the german online shop Freundts that I wrote about before. Find their cinema letters right here.

And here is a peek into Catherine's dining room with a huge C on the wall, also from Freundts. I like all the red details in both rooms and the cute lamps above the dining table.

(All images by Catherine Hug from Hyggelig)