June 25, 2009

Onni shop, Helsinki

Last week I stumbled upon the website of the brick and mortar store Onni that is located in Helsinki, Finland. It was founded by the designers Susan Elo and Tuula Pöyhönen and it's now run by Tuula in one part of a loft that is actually Tuula's home. The shop is filled with mainly Finnish items designed, chosen or found by her.
And I have to translate the name to you, it's so cute. The Finnish word onni means luck, happiness.

The shop is open by appointment, if you happen to visit Helsinki you can call or e-mail Tuula and make an appointment with her. Find Tuula's contact information here.

Kulmakatu 5 A 4
00170 Helsinki

(All images from Onni kotikauppa)


read me... said...

Smitten is not the word! This shop looks divine!


I'm in love with everything Finnish right now and I'll be adding this to the list!

Katja said...

looks like a lovely shop, if I were to visit Helsinki I would definitely go and check it out in person :)