October 16, 2009

Displaying art

Speaking about the art displays in the last post I thought I'd show you some more images that inspire me very much.
These images of art walls appeal to me because of their colorful and creative combinations of art pieces and small objects. I love it, to discover the details and when a display makes me smile.

Mixing and matching different styles, frames and colors. From the portfolio of photographer Hallie Burton.

This beautiful wall with flower themed paintings and postcards is from Kristine Meyer's (Meyer-Lavigne) home.

And this display with black details is from Sköna hem.

October 11, 2009

Photographer Pernille Enoch

Today I want to introduce you to the work of Danish photographer Pernille Enoch which I found via the always inspiring Creative Activity.

These interiors look so inviting, stylish and relaxed at the same time. I feel so drawn to the mix of styles, design objects combined with simple IKEA and thrifted furniture. And I adore all the art groupings on the walls. Also typography used as interior decoration is something I really never get tired of.
What about you, what are you feeling drawn to lately?

Please visit Pernille Enoch's website for more inspiration.

October 9, 2009

Fleamarket find

This little brass deer is a recent fleamarket find and it's now living on the shelf above our bed. The carnations I picked on our balkony. It's getting chilly, fall has arrived. It's nice to get some of the flowers inside, that are still in bloom. Have a great and sunny weekend!
Click on the lower image to see it bigger.
(images taken by me)

October 7, 2009

Four little etsy finds

1. pattern stamp set from lemontree
2. I like the idea to decorate your plants with ribbon motives from nothing elegant
3. tote bag from melangerie, found via Oh Joy
4. boat necklace from yellowgoat

(images linked to their sources above)

Merrilee's tea party

I adore this tea-party I found through Party Perfect. Merrilee from mer mag created the decoration for her party out of Ikea fabrics, thrifted plates and some DIY elements. Having your friends over for some tea and cookies at these beautiful tables sounds like so much fun.

There are so many more beautiful projects to discover on Merrilee's blog mer mag. If it's new to you, please check it out.
(All images from mer mag | found via Party Perfect)

October 1, 2009

Rom 123: black and white + a splash of color

Here comes some interior inspiration for you from Norwegian interior magazine rom123. This is a home on only 40 sqm. A lot of neat space saving ideas are needed. And although the black and white plus a little color wouldn't be anything for my home (I need more color :) ), it sure inspires me everytime. It looks so fresh and it really suits this small apartment, it makes the space look tidy and organized.
Go here for more images and the article (for those of you who understand Norwegian).

(All images from rom123 | photographed by Bjørg Hexeberg Staveli)