June 16, 2009

Hus & Hem magazine

Look what a beautiful home I found on the website of Swedish interior magazine Hus & Hem.
The Swedes have so many inspiring interior magazines. I'm so happy that we are travelling to Stockholm this summer! One destination will definitely be a newspaper store.
Some time ago Holly from Decor8 posted a nice gathering of images she found on Hus & Hem. And don't miss to check out the Hus & Hem website for so much more to discover!

(Images from Hus & Hem photographed by Tia Borgsmith)


mosey said...

really pretty. i love those comfy looking woven chairs with the crisp white table!

ninainvorm said...

Oh yes, this is a lovely space! It breathes such happiness!


I am so jealous you're going to Sweden! I'm completely obsessed with Swedish houses and they really do have the best magazines!

Maaret said...

From the right bank: Yes the Swedes have great style and so many nice and unique shops. And the nature is also around the corner. I'm really looking forward to our trip!

Katja said...

I love these pictures, such a beautiful space. We were thinking about going on a weekend trip to Stockholm later this summer but unfortunately it wasn't in our budget. Maybe next year! I'd love to go and visit the city, I've been there couple of times when I was younger but not recently. I hope you have a lovely trip! :)