December 23, 2008

Happy holidays!
In one hour I will sit on my plane to Helsinki, Finland. I'm looking forward to my time there. And I hope for some snow. I will sign off till January. Maybe I will stop by in between and say hello. 
Have a restful time with your families and friends!

(Drawing is by Hanna Konola from her wonderful advent calendar)

December 19, 2008

christmas wishes

Christmas is coming, here are some of my favorites. Somebody, who reads this: I would be happy about a little present ;)
Clockwise from top left: Matkuri bag from Marimekko, Cuddly Clouds from Donna Wilson, latte mugs from Marimekko, Kartio pitcher from Iittala, Art pillow from Design House Stockholm, Blah Blah cushion from Donna Wilson.

December 18, 2008

Jane's christmas tree

Look! I think, this is so great. I am a huge collector of little bits and pieces, so I am in love with this very special christmas tree made by Jane of ATLITW. I would love to look at this tree in real life and all the little sweet objects hanging there.
Have a look at her flickr-account and her little shop.

December 15, 2008

Nadja Müller

Look at these lovely products of Berlin based designer Nadja Müller. They are all hand-made and one-of-a-kind. I like the way she uses subtle colors and textures. Especially her lamps have a soft and haptic character. And I so like the doilies in her work. Find more lamps, duvets and textiles on her website

December 10, 2008

Colorful etsy finds

I needed some color today. From top left: Christopher print from ashley g, deluxe wall calendar from Susy Jack, Nimbus Earrings from Joanna Rutter, house pocket jotter from dozi.

December 8, 2008

Hanna Konola

I'm interested in everything, that comes from Finland, because my roots are partly finnish. But that's not the only reason, why I like the work of the finnish illustrator Hanna Konola. She has such a nice and simple style.
Look at her advent calendar, where she is posting a drawing a day until christmas. What a fun idea! She has a blog, too.

December 4, 2008

Nick Butcher

I really like the work of Nick Butcher from Chicago, USA. The poster in my kitchen is made by him. His work is so subtle and I love how he is using color. The colorcombinations are stunning. You can buy the hand-screenprinted posters in his webshop.
The first one shown here Nick actually made in collaboration with Nadine Nakanishi.

And following some of his paintings, you can find more very inspiring paintings on his website.

December 3, 2008

The home and textile designs of Mette Antero Kjaer

Mette is a danish ceramist and designer of children's clothes. In addition to that she has a beautiful, very light and scandinavian home, where she lives with her husband and her son.
The white walls and floors make a wonderful background to the splashes of colour. The combination of white and colour always inspires me.

Here are some of her cheerful clothes for children, for which she uses vintage fabrics:

Find Mettes blog called Mettes Potteri here , you can buy her children's clothes right here and find her ceramics here.

December 2, 2008

Winterly Etsy treasures

It's cold outside, so it's nice to curl up at home. Here are some winterly etsy-finds to make your home even more cozy. From top left: gray vessel from upintheairsomewhere, white wool bearfriend from twotrees, set of 4 crochet coasters from simply photo and Heart Ornament Quartet from stiksel