September 7, 2009

Stockholm: Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is Swedish for old town. Our Hostel named Best Hostel was seated in Gamla Stan, we had a wonderful view from our window over the sea (image above). We saw the ships and cruisers coming and going.

Stockholm is such a lovely city, the original buildings are well-preserved, the historical city centre has not been damaged in a war as here in Berlin. So I really enjoyed these old and original buildings, their structure and their colors.

We looked for the narrow and silent streets in Gamla Stan, for places without tourists. We found some but not many.

These are some places I recommend in Gamla Stan:
Have a hot choclate and a Swedish cinnamon bun at Chokladkoppen.
Visit Stadsmission for vintage finds.
Also worth a visit: the Sweden Bookshop, which offers a huge range of translated swedish literature and books about Sweden.

More to come in the next days!

(All images taken by me)


liza said...

Oh my! It's beautiful there. I so agree about the the structures and colors of the buildings. Especially the orange ones. Thank you for sharing these.

Martina said...

Looks great...lovely images...Stockholm is close to the top of my list of cities to visit..I look forward to reading your recommendations!

Ulrika said...

Gamla stan is the best part of Stockholm in my opinion. Great shots!

Maaret said...

Thank you! I'm happy you like my shots, I will upload them also to my flickr and there will be more to see.

Natalie said...

Lovely photos - I wish I was there! I especially love your photos of the foxgloves and the little garden cafe.

Julia said...

Yes! Stockholm's Stadsmission is a very good shop where we can find lot of treasures!!

Anonymous said...

Best hostel is great but not the cheapest in Stockholm. I have stayed at Skanstulls Vandrarhem which I liked. It's cheaper and even though they doesn't have a location in the Old Town, one get there with subway in just matters of minutes.