September 9, 2009

Stockholm: Södermalm + shops

One of the parts of Stockholm we enjoyed most was Södermalm. Especially the SoFo area in the east of Södermalm where you can find lot's of cute little shops. Unique design and second hand stores, lovely cafés and bars.

We biked a lot in Stockholm. Bike lanes run throughout the city, it's a really great way to move around and you have always the possibility to stop when you see something interesting.
The northern part of Södermalm has many, many viewpoints, which offer great views over Gamla Stan.

I read Emma's Stockholm guide (Thanks Emma) before our trip and one place she recommended was the café Lasse i parken. A really cozy place with the most delicious chocolate cake. (Image above on the right).

What I really liked were all the parks and green squares. And these little cafés lokated in the parks. This one is the Mosebacke square. Also worth a visit is the Mosebacke etablissement for their beer garden with a wonderful view over the city.

Tantolunden has a huge area of allotment gardens and little garden sheds. We took a stroll through this area, it's a little oasis.
The café (actually there are several of them in Stockholm) we loved most was Vurma. It's a colorful place with an inspiring interior: beautiful wallpaper and wallpaintings, cushions in all kinds of patterns. Plus delicious sandwiches and cakes. Heaven :)

And of course the SoFo area, the eastern part of Södermalm with it's design and second hand shops and cafés. These places we visited and liked a lot:

Designtorget: Swedish designproducts from interior decoration to funny presents
Blås & Knåda: Gallery and shop with a huge selection of unique pottery and glass objects, a really inspiring place
Under: Children's clothes and second hand stuff
Grandpa: Clothes mixed with second hand furniture and interior design products
Beyond retro: Second hand clothing

Restaurant sardin: Cute little tapas bar
Café string: Fun place for sandwiches, salad and playing some backgammon

Other shops I liked (not in Södermalm):
Asplund, Granit: modern interior design
Morkarin: Children's stuff and interior decoration - unfortunately closed when we were there but it looked fabulous through the windo
Designhouse Stockholm: Designproducts for your home

(all images taken by me)


malo said...

I love that photo of the old houses facing Nytorget. I love Södermalm too although my heart belongs to Hornstull.

eco-stylista said...

Beautfiul photos! You make me want to visit Stockholm!

fresh365 said...

This looks lovely! I hope I can visit Stockholm soon!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

i love your blog and your pictures! i've been to denmark, sweden is next on my list.

Katja said...

I am green with envy! :) We had planned to go to Stockholm this summer but at the end it wasn't in our budget, next summer we have to go! I love these photos and I can't wait to do some shopping over there...:)


Lovely photos. It sounds like you had an amazing time. I'm dying to go back to Sweden!

Maaret said...

thank you everyone! I'm glad you like my photos! We really had a very good time. Especially the fact that we went with the bikes everywhere was so good. So we could explore the city. :)

yes Nytorget is a nice place, I liked all the little squares.
Is Hornstull a part of Södermalm?

I can give you some more tips on Stockholm, if you like?
Stockholm is really worth a visit, so go! :)

S. said...

I love stockholm! Have been there in winter, all streets were snowy and the shop windows were nice illuminated. It's funny to see your pictures of the same places, where I've been, but without all snow. We stayed in in södermalm, I really recommend it.

Julia said...

Södermalm is my favorite place in Stockholm and I know many of your adresses. It's funny to read your post. I love it! But sorry, my english is not very good...

isabelle said...

I really hope to visit this place one day ... thanks for the tour !!