September 6, 2009

Coming tomorrow: Stockholm

It has been a little silent here on Visual Notes. I've been busy sanding and painting our windows last week.
Here is a peek what is coming tomorrow... I'm going to show you some images of our Stockholm trip and tell you about some places we've enjoyed to visit.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

(all images taken by me)


Tiger said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to see the the photos!

Marloes said...

Lucky you! Stockholm is high on my travel wish-list! Hope to get some inspiration from your photo's!

parallel-botany said...

Good to see you back in the blogosphere - can't wait to see your photos of Stockholm.

gini said...

Bonjour!!Maaret thank u so much for ur answer! yes we're gonna come in November and see if we like it...
i've been there twice and loved it but with a faMiLi it sd be great too.
i would love to live in Sweden too but that's later in my Life...haha
one thing at a time.
so may be we can meet when we're over and u can teLL me ur favorite spots!
merci ...take care taLk soon

marie-louise said...

Yes, Stockholm is fantastic and Berlin too.
Är du från Sverige?

Maaret said...

Hello everybody! Thank you!

Gini: Berlin is a great place to live, and Sweden also, I think. Just drop me a line via e-mail and we can meet! Would be fun!

Hej Marie-Louise!
Nej, jag är från Berlin och min Mamma kommer från Finland. Och jag lära mig svenska. :)
I'm interested in Sweden and always wanted to visit Stockholm and I'm just learning some Swedish. Do you come from Sweden?