April 28, 2009

Stilleben shop. Denmark

I could put almost all products on my wishlist that are available in the Danish online shop Stilleben. Not only the beautiful vases from Meyer-Lavigne I wrote about back in February, also these beautys shown above: Teapot designed by Helena Rohner, Milk and Sugar by Ditte Fischer, Industreal lamp and Industreal vase designed by Guillaume Delvigne, lava stone by Made a Mano and this beautiful sugar spoon.


the seventy tree said...

I'm lusting after the teapot! Lovely selection.

malo said...

Stilleben. I, like you want every single piece there.
Happy weekend!

Katja said...

Great products, thank you for introducing it to me :) I adore that sugar spoon! :)

Maaret said...

I'm happy you like them as much as I do!