April 28, 2009

Circus Violet

Studio Violet (the joint venture of Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker) has launched a new collection called Circus Violet. As always their work is playful and gorgeous. The new collection includes re-used porcelain for a show in Karin Eriksson gallery, prints, stamps and black drop decals that I've been adoring since I've seen them the first time on Elisabeth Dunker's kitchen wall.
See more of this collection on Studio Violet homepage, for purchasing visit the Studio Violet shop.

(All images from Studio Violet)


Ooty said...


PROVINS said...

lovely lovely.. If only I had a lot of money, so I could buy all that stuff!!

Jen | GreetQ.com said...

This is a great pairing. I love the work from Studio Violet and illustrations work well with the porcelain ware. What is re-used porcelain anyway?

Maaret said...

Jen, I hope I got you right that you asked what re-used porcelain is?
Studio Violet used vintage porcelain and created unique pieces by decorating them with their illustrations.

by Nelle said...

Ohhh how i love the circus, especially in ceramics. What a lovely project, must have been fun to create!