February 4, 2009


Meyer-Lavigne is a Danish design collective and the duo behind it is Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne. I'm a huge fan of their ceramics, and I'm happy, that these beautys of their "rainy days" collection are now available online at stilleben
You can see more of Meyer-Lavigne's work in their blog and on their website.


Steffi said...

I´m also currently crazy about beautiful ceramics, mostly because I only recently discovered that special, sweet, unique and quite affordable ceramic exists ;-) thanks for the link! I found your blog through decor8 and like it very much. Yay for more design blogs in Germany!

Katja said...

Oh these are just the loveliest! And hope you get your internet working soon again! :)

Maaret said...

Isn't it great, that there is so much loveliness available, and the world becomes smaller via internet. You can find and order things from all over the world.
I hope, it won't take too long with our internet, too. It becomes frustrating...

Marie-Eve said...

What a nice discovery... beautiful.

Just want to inform you that I (finally) answered to your tag... You can see my sixth photo on Toujours Dimanche. Thanks again for that.