January 21, 2009

Welcome and thank you

First of all I want to thank Holly of decor8 for writing about my blog! I'm really thrilled!
In September 2008 I was on a blogging event here in Berlin, organized by decor8 and DaWanda (See this post at decor8 to learn more about it). Holly gave a speech about blogging. It was this experience that gave me the final impulse and courage to start my blog. I'm so thankful for that!

And I want to welcome everybody, who came across my blog through Holly's link. I'm looking forward to what the future will bring: posts, comments and contacts...

P.S. These peonies are the same you can see on my kitchentable in this picture. :)


SimplyGrove said...

Just found you and love you!! I added you to my blog roll:)

Maaret said...

Thank you, that is sweet. :)