January 19, 2009

Marimekko's spring-collection

Marimekko's spring-collection is up on their website. Here are some of my favorites.
From top left: Kissanminttu by Erja Hirvi, Ruutukaava by Maija Louekari, Valmuska by Erja Hirvi (this colorway is from the fall collection 2008, but the pattern has a spring colorway in orange), Kanteleen kutsu by Sanna Annukka.


Allison said...

I read about your blog on Decor 8 and wanted to compliment you on your lovely work. I actually started blogging myself because of the event in Berlin last year where Holly spoke (which she mentioned in her post). I live in Hamburg and it is nice to connect with others and learn that the world is not so big after all. Congratulations und ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg.

victoria said...

Hi Maaret! I just jumped from Holly's blog into your little world and want to wish you good luck with your new blog! I really enjoying it, the light style it has. I also attended the workshop in September and really liked it and finding that there are so many creative people over here. I like Berlin for its artistic community. I hope through your blog we will find more about Berlin's artistic treasures.

Katja said...

I saw these on a newspaper and have been waiting to see them on marimekko's website. they are so lovely! :) ps. I hope you receive something in the mail soon... :)

porter hovey said...

Yes!! What a wonderful blog!! A new favorite.

domesticinnyc said...

Congratulations on such a lovely blog. I am excited to see what is happening in Germany in the design world, so will be checking in with you periodically!

Maaret said...

Thank you everybody for your sweet comments! I'm so thankful for all the feedback and I'm happy that you like my blog.

Allison and Victoria: It's fun to meet you here! The Blogging-Dawanda event here in Berlin and Holly's speech inspired me that much, that I finally started this blog.

Katja: Oh, I will check my mailbox daily and will think of you and I let you know, when I recieve the little treasure :)