January 18, 2009


SchubLaden (german: drawers) is a Berlin based shop selling handmade unique furniture with old unmated drawers. The bodies are made of MDF or solid wood. That is a pretty way of recycling. A mixture of modern and antique in one piece of furniture.
Shipping is possible. Get more information on their website.
When you are in Berlin you can visit their store: Böckhstraße 46, 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Anonymous said...

The idea ist awesome! Just ordered my tickets for the blogger event Re:publica this April in Berlin - so I have to visit their Store. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

very nice idea.
thanks for posting this!

Maaret said...

I dind't know here will be a blogger event. Thank you for the hint!

The shop is nice, too. You can find a photo of the interior on their website.

Kaylovesvintage said...

love it, nice link,thanks