May 14, 2009

Fryd + Design: Home Tour

Jeanette Lunde is a Norwegian graphic designer and blogger. Her lovely blog Fryd + Design is one of my daily reads and if you don’t already know it, make sure to check it out to enjoy all the eye-candy Jeanette is creating over there. She is so good in capturing the beauty in the little details of life.
And also her home with it's Scandinavian style is very beautiful. It's white and bright and I like Jeanette's use of colors and beautiful patterns throughout the house. It's no surprise that her home has been featured already in several magazines e.g. Rom 123 and Sans.
I'm sure you will enjoy her home as much as I do.

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Jeanette Lunde, I live in Skien, Norway with my husband and two sweet girls. I'm a graphic designer and teacher, but am for the moment at home with our daughter Alma.
I'm planning a small shop that I hope will be done due May. This shop will containe dresses for baby-girls, illustrations, babyblanket and other things that I enjoy and feel like making.

Tell us a littlebit about your house, how long do you live in it? Who do you live with?
We live in an old house that used to be part of a big farm. We moved here five years ago, my husband Geir, my daughter Mathea and I. This december little Alma came to join us, and finally we are four, as Mathea said.
We have been renovating the whole house and it's a house with a big mix of old and new, with white walls and splashes of colors. A happy house for a happy family.

Where is your favorite place in your house? And why?
I think it's at the kitchen table in the center of the house, or maybe in front of the fireplace or behind my sewingmachine...hmm
I really dont know! Different rooms for different reasons. I love my house and the big windows that lets the light flow in.

Do you have a favorite furniture, accessoire or art piece? Please tell us about it.
I have different pieces that I like, but I love the old pieces that I got after my grandpa and grandma. Especially the old butterfly-tray that my grandpa bought in Brasil on one of his many trips.
I LOVE my kitchenaid because I almost use it every day and the wall sculpter that we got on our wedding from my uncels and aunts.
There are so many things, I could list up forever, but most of all I love the people in my house that makes me smile and makes my day.

Thank you so much, Jeanette for taking the time answering and giving us a little insight into your home and your family.

(All images by Jeanette Lunde from Fryd + Design)


the seventy tree said...

Such a bright and beautiful home. I'm a big fan of this blog too, so it's lovely to hear and see some more. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend.

parallel-botany said...

What a beautiful house! I absolutely love the pale aqua walls in the sixth photo.

I would love to have white floors in my apartment. They look so soothing.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos :)


Jeanette Lunde said...

Thank you so much for your nice words! I love the way you put the photos together. Thank you, thank you!

Jeanette :)

setyourselfonfire said...

ahh so much inspiration! decorating my home and making it more beautiful is one of my favourite things and i loooove looking at pics inside peoples house for inspiration.

Katja said...

So lovely! I really enjoy her blog so it was nice to read an interview.

from the right bank said...

I absolutely love your home tours and I think this may be my favorite. (I think that every time I see one!) Great interview, too!

Hanna said...

Wow I love these photos!

ieva jansone said...

lovely! scandinavians are just the best! ;)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

wow!! what a gorgeous home, so beautiful & light, i've fallen in love with the white wooden walls & floors!!

ps absolutely gorgeous blog btw :)

1richtungsblog said...

Great pictures, the colors are beautiful and I love all those knicknacks.
Anita, Austria

Marie said...

What a gorgeous house - I love the relaxed style, beautiful!

hanna said...

Absolutley beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Both of you ; )