April 3, 2009

Fun Is Cool

Happy friday! I introduced you a print from Fun is Cool in the last post. And here are some more beautiful products from Sarah. I especially love the original drawing called Olivia (the one on the top). Sarah also makes knitted treasures as these rabbit or koala brooches and acorn pouches. All these products are available in her Etsy shop. Check out her lovely blog, too.


nicoletter said...

Liebe Dank für Deine guten Wünsche zu MEINEM Tag und für Dein tolles Kompliment zu meinen Foto Arrangements!
Du hast hier in den letzten Tage sehr schöne Dinge, Fotos, Infos, etc. gepostet. Danke dafür.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Love that sweet knitted blanket (scarf?).

Maaret said...

Nicoletter: Danke, schön, dass es dir gefällt!
Maryam: Do you mean the white rabbit? The rabbit is a brooch and it is fixed to a blue scarf, I think. Isn't it lovely?