January 23, 2009

Naomi Ito fabrics in Twins' Garden shop

I'm in love with these fabrics designed by Naomi Ito. I would like to make some curtains, or a cushion, or a patchwork blanket out of these.
I saw these in the nice fabric online shop Twins' Garden. They are based here in Germany, but they ship world-wide.
Fabrics shown above: Natural Tossed Flowers, Pink Scattered Dots, Natural Blooms, Aqua Tossed Flowers
Look at the Twins' Garden blog, it's lovely!


joanna-rutter said...

They are wonderful.. nostalgic and modern at once. lovely.

Twins' Garden Style Blog said...

Oh, I'm very honoured. Thank you for your nice posting!

Maaret said...

You are welcome, Ingrid :)

liza said...

Oh, thank you! I've been wondering where we could get these fabrics since almost a year ago when I first saw the one on the lower left somewhere (I don't remember where). The Naomi Ito site is all in Japanese. I like your blog very much - found through Bloesem.

Maaret said...

Hi Lisa, I'm happy, this helped you. And I'm so happy, you like my blog!