December 20, 2009

Calendar: Lena Corwin + Caitlin Mociun

I hope you are well and have a good time preparing for christmas. I'm buying and making the last presents, still decorating a little and looking forward to meet all my family on christmas.
This calendar by Lena Corwin and Caitlin Mociun would have been a great addition to my little calendar round-up. It's a sreen printed poster inspired by imagery of the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Available in Lena Corwin's webshop. I really like the colors and the shapes in it.

(images: Lena Corwin)


Searching for Sporadic Surprises said...

This is a beautiful calendar. I love the colour palette!

Merry Christmas!

PROVINS said...

Looks so lovely!

Lisa said...

i would love to have this calendar in my home !

Sort of Pink said...

Love the calendar! Very cool shapes and colors.