November 21, 2009

Calendar and cards by Amy Soczka

How cute are these products by Amy Soczka of Amy Marcella? I love her simple illustrations and use of color. This beautiful calendar would look so good at my wall.
Do you have already a calendar for 2010? I thought I might make a little calendar round up. What do you think?

And these are some cards made by Amy. The leaves, the cone and the raindrops perfectly illustrate this time of year, don't you think?

(images: Amy Marcella)


Marion said...

this is such a cute selection...

Diana said...

I love these cards!!!

a wonderful selection!!!! said...

Sooo cute and delicate!

o l y said...

i made little calendars this year
and i'm loving it so much


happy sunday !


HELLO TIGER! said...

I love that blue pine card! Blogged about it today.