August 29, 2009

Stockholm and Helsinki souvenirs

What is a trip without little things you bring back home with you? Are you curious what I found?

Image above:
the cute cross-stitch is a vintage find from the lovely store Under in Stockholm
the wooden earrings and the pouch are also vintage. I found them in Helsinki in the second hand stores UFF and Fida

Second image:
These are some finds from Stockholm.
the cute guy on the left followed me home from a shop named Oma, unfortunately I can't find a website
the book Stockholm's Love Apartments was on my wishlist for a long time and when I saw it at DesignTorget I had to have it :)
the little purple pencil case on the right is from Ordning & Reda
the green necklace I found in Helsinki at a antique shop called Vinttikamari

I love my new tea towel I brought from Stockholm, it's from Almedahls and you can purchase it also online at New House Textiles

These are all from Helsinki:
the postcards I bought in the Museum of modern art EMMA in Espoo, a city next to Helsinki. The postcards show works by Finnish artist Anu Tuominen. I adore her work. The card on the bottom right shows an installation made out of potholders. I want to start my own collection and display them on my kitchen wall (Mieke & Veronik and Elisabeth were also inspired by her).
the vintage grey potholder is the first one of my collection. I found it at Fida
the bird is a brooch by You Complete Me, I bought it on an art and design market in Helsinki

Last photo:
Last but not least I found some fabrics.
on the left is the fabric Aarre by Maija Louekari for Marimekko
the fabrics in the middle and on the right are vintage.

I hope you enjoyed my finds. I wish you a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog from time to time thanks to your guest stint at Bloesem this year. I love your eye and just have to thank you for introducing me to Ana Tuominen! Is there a book out that would include her incredible potholder walls? And the "red yellow blue white" work?

Judith b.

Maaret said...

Hi Judith,

Great that you liked Anu's work!
I found some books on her website that introduce her work. But unfortunately I don't know them, so I can't tell if her potholder-installations, or "red yellow blue white" work are included.

And here you can see a little peek into the book "Thinkables". (Scroll down to see it)

I hope that helped!
All the best, Maaret

Brit said...

Your finds are wonderful. I also love to bring back home cute little souvenirs that always remind you that wonderful time you spent at a special place.

ieva jansone said...

hallo maaret,
deine kommentare machen mir immer so viel freude, vielen dank :)
hierzu wollte ich noch meine favourites nennen:
das rote täschchen (purse) und die roten ohrringe; the green beeds (ich weiss immer noch nicht, wie so was auf deutsch heißt ;).. die postkarten von tuominen, die blauen stoffe..

and i totally agree with brit!