July 13, 2009

Mustertussi notebooks

First of all thank you so much for your cute comments on my illustrations! I'm happy you like and enjoy them!
Today I want to show you some beautiful notebooks I found at a craft-material shop here in Berlin called modulor. (Btw: Modulor is worth a visit for everyone who loves to make things.)
These handmade notebooks by German artist Sabine Hartung are available under the name Mustertussi. They are made out of found and/or scanned material e.g. wallpaper, wood, lace, paperbags and fabrics. Sabine Hartung uses also paper in unusual colors, I like the black ones and the neon-series.
Shipping to Germany and Europe is possible via her German order form, for huger orders outside the EU you can also contact Mustertussi directly.

(All images from Mustertussi)


eco-stylista said...

This shop is amazing! It is a heaven for crafters! Thanks for sharing it!

hanna said...

Lovely! I love notebooks!

kelly said...

these are soooooo cute!
so sad i'm not in Europe... T~T