May 24, 2009

Outdoor wishlist

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! We have the prettiest sunshine. Perfect outdoor weather. We are the happy owners of a balkony, but we are in need of a sunshade, the direct sun gets too hot in the summer time. And some other beautiful items would be nice, too (if only my wallet was full enough). The walls of the house we are living in are painted yellow, so I gathered some products fitting the yellow walls. But I'm totally into blue, purple and mauve tones lately, so I made a collection with some blue and purple splashes, too. It's so much fun to make these.
Which collection do you prefer, or do you have other favorite colors?

Left to right, top to bottom:
Birdhouse Rohbau from Das Rote Paket, hammok Dyning from IKEA, salad bowls from Branch, fabric Natural Blooms from Twins' garden, vessel Chloe from Branch, fork knife and spoon set from Branch, fabric napkins Ritva from IKEA, basket bowl from Branch, tealight Dots from Zara Home, bucket BBQ from John Lewis, watering can from IKEA.

White lantern from Iittala, plant pot Kapa with a lavendula both from IKEA, garden gnome Augustin from Das Rote Paket, sunshade from Connox, placemat Amphi and drinking glas Devon both from Habitat, terracotta dinner plate from Toast, Edda carafes from Anthropologie, Fabrics She Is Cosmos Flower Grid blue and Nani Iro Saaaa Saaa from Repro Depot, planting pot Faceted from Habitat.

(Images linked to their sources above)


Siw said...

thanks for comment on my blog :)
Your blog is very inspiring, I will come back soon :9

Estelle said...

How do you make these collections, anyway? Photoshop? Any special tips you're willing to share?

Maaret said...

Siw: I'm happy you like it, and welcome back!

Estelle: Yes, I make these in Photoshop. What exactly do you want to know? I can try to help, feel free too ask!

Brit said...

Hi there,
I love your blog. It is a wonderful collection of beautiful things, you have a strong visual sense.
I will come back.
Greetings from Paris!

Katja said...

This all looks so summery and pretty!

mosey said...

I like both groups but I'm leaning towards the warmth of the yellow and pinky tones in the top gathering. Really pretty stuff! I can't wait until I have a balcony or outdoor spot to decorate and grow again!

Maaret said...

Brit: Thank you so much for your kind words!

Mosey: Yes, a little balkony is so great to have, the possibility to step outside without leaving your home is so nice.