May 3, 2009

Posters from Bubbo Tubbo

I just found these bright typografic posters by Russian born, USA based Natasha Mileshina aka Bubbo Tubbo. I have known her poetic illustrations and calligraphy, these posters are different but as appealing as everything else of her work. Find these posters and many more treats in Natasha's Etsy shop Things by Bubbo Tubbo.
The design for the poster We Make Sense is part of the great Free Encouragement project which was organized by Design For Mankind and Booooooom. Works from all over the world were chosen for postcard sets that are available in the Free Encouragement Etsy shop.
Have a good start into the next week!
(All images from Bubbo Tubbo)


the seventy tree said...

These are really cool...thanks for the links. Have a nice week too.

mosey said...

wow, i love these!

pickles said...

We adore your blog! Thanks for great inspiration!

design wunderland said...

Very nice! Love the typography.
Your blog is great too! Lots of cool links and heaps inspiration :)

Heather said...

Just started looking through your blog which I found from Holly's class! Really nice! I just added you to my list of favorites!

Maaret said...

Thank you all for your kind words. It makes me so happy that you guys enjoy my blog! :)