April 17, 2009

Paper cranes

I'm sorry that it has been so silent over here this week. My university has started again and I've been very busy. I have to find a good rythm to include blogging to the busy days.
How do you guys include blogging into your life, your job, studies, etc.? Do you prepare posts in advance to post on days when you don't have the time, or the mood to blog? Or do you have any  other hints?

Back to the topic. Paper cranes are popping up everywhere lately. I collected some different versions and I like to see these all together. Isn't it fun to see what different people with their different creative minds make out of the same topic? Using different materials, colors and media the results are unlimited. Isn't that inspiring?

Starting from above: 
Multi-colored origami cranes in a jar from Origami Jars, Birdshade made out of paper cranes from Tas-Ka, Cranes in Red printed fabric from Aunty Cookie, Rubber Origami from B.Lightdesign find the DIY version of these rubber coated paper cranes on InstructablesSterling Silver Origami Crane Necklace from Silver Clouds, Purse with hand embroidered paper crane from Plus 1 Design.


mosey said...

pretty paper cranes.. it is interesting to see one thing from many different viewpoints.

Lilibeth said...

Hello! I thought it was interesting how you mentioned paper cranes and different mediums. Twin Ravens Press did a really cute collection of letterpressed paper crane cards this season.


parallel-botany said...

Nice finds! I have long coveted that Aunty Cookie fabric (and her other designs as well...)

I thought that white crane in the window was ceramic! Rubber-coated, interesting!

Amy said...

I love the colorful paper cranes in a jar! Great idea to add color! Paper cranes make me think of Wentworth Miller too - not a bad side affect!!!

malo said...

What a beautiful post. I love the fabric (and everything else).

Here's a link to a shop where you can order wallpaper with patterns by Josef Frank:

Regarding blogging and time. So far I have abandoned my blog when I am busy or uninspired.

Maaret said...

I'm happy to see you enjoy the paper cranes!
Malo: Thank you so much for the link! Great!

Heather S Thompson said...

Beautiful blog. and very clever post. thanks for visiting my blog via "Blogging your Way".
I will be visiting "Visual Notes: again.
Thanks again,

Diane said...

I love the collection. I don't know how I happened upon your blog, but I love it! You always have interesting and inspiring collections and I love to look at them!

I know how you feel when it comes to blogging in a busy life...I just cut out all the important stuff and blog instead. J/K! I do use it as an outlet or for a small distraction when I need a break. Good luck with your studies!


Katja said...

Oh I love paper cranes!

Sometimes I prepare blog posts in advance to post on days when I don't have time, but usually if I don't feel like blogging I just take the day off :)

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Hi Maaret, I struggle with time to consistently update my site too. Nice to see an Aussie designer made your pics (Aunty Cookie!). My sister is one of those girls with infinite patience as has made several hanging paper crane sculptures (each with 1000 cranes!!!!). I'll be sending her this post!

Maaret said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I'm always happy to read your comments!

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog and had to tell you how cute it is! Love these paper cranes too!