April 10, 2009

Melin Tregwynt

I found these lovely blankets and cushions from Melin Tregwynt through the lovely blog A Mad Tea Party With Alis
Based in Wales, UK Melin Tregwynt combines the tradition of the Welsh doublecloth and blankets with modern patterns and gorgeus colors.
Some products are available online via StylishLife you can also contact Melin Tregwynt directly through their website to make orders.

(images from Melin Tregwynt)


Bettyjoy said...

What lovely blankets - perfect for the chilly English spring!

Caitlin said...

Oh, those are so beautiful! And they look so soft!!!

malo said...

This is gorgeous. I especially love the green/blue pile of pillows and blankets.

finely Inc. said...

These patterns are so very cute and hot! You have an eye for it!

Bettyjoy said...

These are just beautiful:)