April 22, 2009

The Brick House - Tour

Do you like vintage finds? Then you will love the home of Morgan Satterfield. I'm so happy that I stumbled upon her blog The Brick House. Her blog is all about living in a modest mid century cement brick house, renovating and decorating it. Morgan is not only a fellow blogger but also an owner of an Etsy shop filled with mid century and danish modern items. 
I thought it would be great to share some of her interior shots with you because I'm sure you will enjoy them. Morgan was so kind to answer me some questions. Thank you so much, Morgan!
Here we go:

Please introduce yourself and your Etsy-shop.
Hi all, I'm Morgan, owner and restorer of The Brick House. The house is located in a small boring retirement community in the far reaches of Southern California. I scavenge old ladies houses and local thrift stores for the best in Mid Century and Danish Modern design to entice and excite at my Etsy store, Brick House Vintage.

Tell us a littlebit about your house, how long do you live in it? With who do you live in it?
The Brick House was custom built by a local mason in 1951. Its pretty unique on our block and is completely made of cement bricks. Modestly sized and full of original details it hasn't been Home Depot'd over the years - it is also a bitch to fix. I met the grandson of the mason who built it when getting quotes to repair some plaster. There were no exciting stories, just a simple guy who built the house for his family. I live with my boyfriend known as "The Boy" and my dog known as "Iggy Julius Huggleman". We've been living at the Brick House for just over a year.

Where is your favorite place in your house? And why?
My living room. We never use it. We have "important" conversations there. No television, no computer - just a bright clean room filled with some of my favorite things. Sometimes I stretch out on the big gray sofa to relax and play with Iggy.

Do you have a favorite furniture, accessoire or art piece? 
All the art is my favorite. I went to art school, I work in the arts, and I'm a painter. I collect a ton of vintage paintings, weird art, needlepoint as well as my friends work. I constantly curate and arrange the pieces in the house to change the space. I think artwork makes a house. Its the first thing I look at when going into other peoples homes. I always want the artwork to be a little jarring and unnerving in the otherwise calm and beautiful space to keep things energetic.

Have you any tips for finding treasures on fleamarkets or thrift stores?
Be patient. Look through junk. Know what you like. Go ALL the time. Thats really the only way to find deals, consistent looking. Lots of times you'll find nothing. Don't get discouraged. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.
Go to high priced vintage stores for inspiration and to see quality pieces. Touch them, ask questions, do research. Then really look out for those shapes and materials you love. Training your eye is the hardest part. It can get overwhelming looking at all the crappy stuff to spot a really rad piece. Once you do though, its like heaven. A great piece at a good deal can't be beat - its like double chocolate cake with crack topping.

(All images by Morgan Satterfield, The Brick House)


the seventy tree said...

What a fantastic place. I love the dining area. Enjoying your blog too.

Katja said...

Lovely home! Especially that top picture is so beautiful. Makes me rethink my Ikea rug decisions too, maybe I should go for the black and white Ikea Stockhol Rand after all...:)


love the desktop with the needlework/stiched art!

Tikimama said...

I've been following The Brick House blog for months, and now it's led me to you! Look forward to exploring your blog....

sarah said...

Superb, I love the clean lines and vintage elements and the colours too.

Arya Kamath said...

This home is beautiful. I love the living room and dining room.

Jess said...

Simply beautiful!

ninainvorm said...

Oh yes, this is an absolutely gorgeous home!

Kaylovesvintage said...

very nice...lot's of cool vintage

Hypnotransformations said...

wow!! I love this house!