March 2, 2009

Faceted Etsy finds

Oh, it's monday again. Time flies. I hope you had a great weekend!
Let's start the week with some faceted Etsy-finds.
From top left: I really like these Faceted Wooden Rocks by kindling, a colorful version are the wooden hand painted gems (available in a set of 5) by minutemoon, Rocky Mountains Drawing No. 2 by Jaime Derringer, the stunning wooden Dorit Candleholder is leafed in 12k pure white gold by Jean Pelle.


Tricia McKellar said...

Very cool! These remind me of superman's crystal fortress :)

Ooty said...

what a great features!

Maaret said...

Tricia: :) That is funny.
Ooty: Thank you! Happy you like them.

Katja said...

Lovely finds Maaret!

Maaret said...

Thanks Katja!