February 2, 2009

Sunday dinner and layout fixing

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had guests over for dinner, lot's of cooking and doing beforehand and a lovely afternoon with yummy food. That was good.
I'm going to work a littlebit on the layout of my blog, so don't be confused, when the layout might look strange in between.

P.S. I read about the american Jim Haynes living in Paris, who is hosting a dinner for strangers every sunday for the past 30 years. That is an amazing thing. You can call or send Jim an email to book a spot and the first 50 or 60 people who call may come.
Wouldn't that be an inspiring experience meeting people of all ages from all over the world in an little parisian apartment? I defenitely would do it on a trip to Paris.
I found out about Jim Haynes via Danielle from Room Service, who has been visiting his sunday dinner. Here is an interview with Jim at NPR and to book a spot contact him through his homepage.


Marie-Eve said...

you have a wonderful blog filled with nice and gorgeous things. i went already across it and this was a good moment. thanks!

Maaret said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Kaylovesvintage said...

I love dinner with strangers..we got a walking dinner here in the NL,in one night you go to 3 different houses( starter, main and dessert)...is great..
so next time Paris

Maaret said...

Kay: Would you mind to share, where to go to this walking dinner? It sounds wonderful! Is there some information available online? It sounds great. Thank you!

Maaret said...
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