September 17, 2009

Colorful home in Sweden

It seems, that I'm quite into Swedish things after I came back from Stockholm. No wonder, there is so much good design and beauty to discover.
This home of Swedish graphic designer Helena Schaeder Söderberg and her family I found while browsing flickr.
After some googling I found out that Holly Becker interviewed Helena a while back for cookie magazine, with some great answers from Helena.
So let's go and visit her home:

What a nice idea to paint the entrance door with blackboard paint!

The rooms of Helena's two daughters are so colorful.

And what a beautiful bedroom, I really like the pale blue. See more photos of Helena's home in her flickr sets.

(All images taken by Helena Schaeder Söderberg)


Ana said...

That happened to me when I came home from Amsterdam. I found a whole lot of things, shops... to se or do in Amsterdam, but I was alredy home. I guess you get fond of the place and keep discovering it. Now I keep notes of things I discover over the net in my iPhone and I'm alredy planing to go again. I think Stockholm will see you again :)

Vanilla Press said...

Oh so stunning! I love the wallpaper in the 5th photo!
Gorgeous home.


life is happy most of the time. said...

this place looks like a dream!!! so lovely!!

ieva jansone said...

hallo liebe maaret!!
wow, so viel schönes zum lesen hier!! und - wunderbare photos, ich meine diesmal die deinen (stockhom)!!
vielen dank fürs vorbeischauen, ich habe mich wirklich gefreut, auch für dein verständnis ;) ja, ich hab' eigentlich noch "blogland verbot" - bis vernissage (23.10), aber heute habe ich es nicht ausgehalten ;))
liebe grüße, du aufspürerin der schönen dinge!

Kaylovesvintage said...

amazing home

Maria said...

Very nice blog, I'll be back!