January 17, 2010

Pastels from Etsy

These soft blue pastels fit my winter-mood quite well.

circle paper collage from Made by Anna, pin badge set from Watersounds, tiny leaf studs from Lila Ruby King, winterly paper collage from Made by Anna

(images linked to their sources)

January 14, 2010

Cakestand DIY

Look, I found also a cute cakestand tutorial: Kira shares on her blog Tangarang how she made them out of vintage plates, candlesticks and vases.

(images: Tangarang)

January 13, 2010

Mia Rosa: Cakestands

I hope you all had a good start into the new year? I'm still very busy with some school work. But in between I try to relax and find some inspiration in my daily life. I've enjoyed some wonderful winter-weather we have had here. It has been very cold and snowy. We also had visitors, lovely relatives from Finland. :)

Friendship and also simply the winterweather can be so inspiring.
And what is better on a cold winter day than meeting a friend, talking and having some tea and cookies? If only the day had more hours, so that I could do that more often...
Today I'm looking at these beautiful cakestands instead and thinking of chocolate treats to fill them with. They are handmade out of second-hand plates by Swedish blogger Mia, available in her online shop Mia Rosa.
(Images: Mia Rosa)

December 22, 2009

Stylist Eva Lindh: christmas inspiration

This traditional scandinavian christmas styling by Swedish stylist Eva Lindh make me think of my childhood home at christmas time. Red, green and wood tones, that were our christmas colors.
Do you have some certain christmas colors you come back to every year?

(Images: Eva Lindh)

December 21, 2009

Trine Thorsen: winter inspiration

We have wonderful winter weather, it's so cold, -10 °C, really something for Berlin. And there is still some snow on the ground. The Germans aren't really used to this kind of weather, at least here in the city. But I enjoy it. I found these suitable winter images in Trine Thorsen's inspiring portfolio. You can find a frost set and some serene white interiors. Enjoy!

(images: Trine Thorsen)

December 20, 2009

Calendar: Lena Corwin + Caitlin Mociun

I hope you are well and have a good time preparing for christmas. I'm buying and making the last presents, still decorating a little and looking forward to meet all my family on christmas.
This calendar by Lena Corwin and Caitlin Mociun would have been a great addition to my little calendar round-up. It's a sreen printed poster inspired by imagery of the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Available in Lena Corwin's webshop. I really like the colors and the shapes in it.

(images: Lena Corwin)

December 12, 2009

Julia Pott: Knitted Bear Print

Please, dear Santa, I want this print.
Knitted Bear A3 Print by Julia Pott.